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Canairy: the mobile app for outdoor workers

Time to Breathe is offering Canairy, the world’s first free mobile app to help employers and workers minimise the risks of polluted air to outdoor workers. Built in partnership between British Safety Council and King’s College London.

More information on how Canairy works, World Health Organisation (WHO) exposure guidance and the exposure data it collects is here.

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Canairy is available to organisations and self-employed. Let us know if you want to trial Canairy. Please complete this form and we'll be in touch with details on how to access the app.

Canairy, the highly innovative British Safety Council mobile app, has been created in partnership with King’s College London and will provide real-time information about air pollution levels for London-based employers and workers.

It calculates a user’s hourly exposure to nitrogen dioxide, ozone and the tiny particulates (PM2.5 and PM10), drawing on King’s Nowcast map of current air pollution in London, and compares these exposure levels to WHO guidance.

it provides workers with information to help them avoid the worst levels of pollution during their work (see Downloads).

It gives employers insights to inform health risk assessments and work scheduling that will reduce exposure for the long-term (see Information for employers).

More information on how Canairy works, WHO limit values and the exposure data it collects is here.

KCL_logo 240x240 King's College London Canairy app tracks outdoor workers' exposure to air pollution

"A new app launched today by King’s College London and the British Safety Council provides outdoor workers, and their employers, with crucial information about their exposure to air pollution."

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Kier_logo_ 240x240 Statement from Kier At Kier, we have thousands of people working every day in urban environments...

At Kier, we have thousands of people working every day in urban environments throughout the UK, including our Highways teams working on the road network where our clients include Local Authorities, Highways England and Transport for London.

The health and wellbeing of our people is a top priority for Kier and we are always keen to support innovation that improves the health of our employees and supply chain partners.

The Canairy app is an exciting and important part of the Time to Breathe campaign, and we are proud of our part in helping with its development.

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Air pollution is an issue across all our major cities as well as in the countryside and British Safety Council is planning a series of public events to promote Time to Breathe throughout 2019.

We would love to hear about what you are doing to tackle air pollution or if you would like to get involved in Time to Breathe.

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