Sword and Globe of Honour

The Sword and Globe of Honour 2020 awards celebrate and reward those organisations that have reached the pinnacle of health, safety and environmental management. Organisations from around the world who have achieved the top grade in their Five Star Audit are invited to apply.

What are the Sword and Globe of Honour awards?

These awards celebrate the best of the best, giving great companies the recognition that they deserve.

Each year, those that have achieved a five-star result in one of the following audits are invited to apply:

  • Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit
  • Five Star Environmental Audit
  • Five Star Integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Audit
  • Combined Audit.

With a direct link to the Five Star Audit report, these awards require a detailed and objective evaluation of occupational health, safety and environmental management system(s) and associated arrangements.

Update: COVID-19

As with other organisations around the world, at British Safety Council the Executive Team has been working ‘around the clock’ to plan as best we can for this uncertain future. With the best will in the world though, this will affect the timings of the 2020 Sword and Globe of Honour Awards. Many organisations are rightly focused on more immediate concerns like protecting your people and your organisation from the effects of the COVID-19 virus.

To help in this process, we are currently restructuring delivery of our Five Star Audit product into two phases, with the first phase to be delivered remotely and an interim report produced. It is currently envisaged that we will not be able to deliver face-to-face audits until at least June or July 2020 though. With that in mind, we are extending the deadline for completion of 2020 award applications from the planned date of 4 September until 4 December, to allow time for audits to be completed and applications to be sent.

As the world slowly gets back to normal, we will send out further communications on completing Sword and Globe of Honour applications. When the time comes, we strongly recommend that you complete your application within 4 weeks, whilst the outcome of the audit is fresh in your mind.

Why apply?

Successful applicants demonstrate that they are among the 'best of the best' through the submission of a written application. The awards give winners the opportunity to;

  • Promote their achievement with the winners' trophy, logo, certificate and press coverage
  • Add this achievement to  tenders and corporate literature
  • Motivate their workforce to strive for higher standards.

Application questions and marking criteria


Click here to read the full eligibility criteria for the Sword and Globe of Honour awards.

How to Apply

You can purchase a full application through our website. Click here to purchase a Sword or Globe of Honour application. 

Application fee: £415 + VAT

Complete and submit the application or assign the application to the person who will be completing the application.

Applications must be received by 23.59 GMT on Friday, 4 December 2020.

Late applications will NOT be accepted and NO extensions will be given.

For support please email awards@britsafe.org  

Key Dates

Application submission deadline Friday, 4 December 2020
Results emailed to applicants  TBC
Results available on website   TBC
Result enquiry deadline  TBC
Deadline to book luncheon TBC
Celebratory luncheon  TBC


Top tips and support

  • All answers require relevant reference to your Five Star Audit report
  • Thoroughly read the 2019 Chief Adjudicator's Report before starting and while drafting answers to each of the 4 application questions. The report highlights features of successful and unsuccessful applications in 2019
  • Adhere carefully to the marking scheme for each question
  • Questions must be answered in full
  • The response to each question must not exceed 750 words
  • Appendices and supporting documents will NOT be accepted
  • The submission should NOT incorporate images, tables, graphs (and similar). Where included, such content will be disregarded by the adjudicators

For further support please get in touch at awards@britsafe.org

Application format and scheme notes

The application format requires applicants to answer a structured four-part question. Each sub-question must be answered in no more than 750 words and a maximum of 15 marks will be credited to each sub-question.

Click here to read the full details on applications and marking criteria.

Adjudication process and results

The written applications are marked by an independent panel of adjudicators appointed, trained and monitored by the British Safety Council. The adjudicators are all senior level environmental practitioners. A rigorous standardisation process ensures that each adjudicator applies the marking scheme in exactly the same way so that all applications are marked consistently to the same standard.

Click here to view the full criteria for the adjudication process and results.


Sword and Globe of Honour Luncheon

The award ceremony itself recognises and celebrates HSE excellence bringing together hundreds of like-minded international leaders across sectors. As the situation around large scale events remains uncertain, we are currently unable to provide details of the luncheon. Will advise everyone in due course once we have more information.