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Our highly-experienced technical team will use their global and cross-sector experience to identify how you can enhance and continually improve your safety, health and environmental management systems, arrangements and operational performance through a broad range of audit and consultancy services, designed to suit your specific needs.

Our range of safety, health and environmental audit and consultancy services are internationally recognised and provide valuable independent external validation, assurance, and advice to support your organisation as you strive to achieve and sustain best practice standards.

We will identify how you can improve your safety, health and environmental management systems, associated arrangements and overall performance, thus ensuring stakeholder confidence, business benefits and potential financial efficiencies.

Use our highly-experienced experts to guide you through the latest changes in standards and legislation. Our dedicated team of professional consultants work around the world and across all sectors.

"We assist in validating and improving policies, procedures and protocols for effective safety, health and environmental management and provide clear recommendations to help you continually improve your overall performance. We offer a broad range of audit and consultancy services specifically designed to suit your business needs."
David Parr, Audit and Technical Department, British Safety Council.

Introducing remote audit and consultancy services

We are pleased to announce that on 1st April we launched an amended version of our audit and consultancy services which allows clients to be audited remotely to the ISO 45001 and 14001 standards, together with our unique suite of 5-star best practice audit services, without compromising on the high standards you expect.

You receive all the benefits of a structured auditing process but with the benefits of the initial stages carried out remotely. This is being made possible by advances in technology that allow our auditors to carry out much of the initial assessment remotely. It enables organisations to obtain and maintain certification standards thereby helping to protect your workforce as well as win new business and retain clients. Click here for more information.


Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit

The most comprehensive and quantified audit process available. Benchmark your health and safety performance against the latest legislation, standards and best practice.

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Consultancy and culture change

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    Culture change

    Developing and sustaining a positive safety culture throughout the organisation is a primary factor in improving workplace health and safety. Working in partnership with culture change experts, we can assess your current workplace culture and support improvement to suit your specific business.

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    General and specific consultancy

    Bespoke consultancy services for any organisation looking for expert advice and support with any aspect of their health, safety and environmental management performance. We offer two levels of consultancy services, which provide general and specific support and advice tailored to suit your business.

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Pre-audit and systems review

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    Systems review

    The Systems Review process tells you exactly how effectively your HSE management systems are being implemented across specific areas of your business (either across different locations or within specific departments). This is the ideal way to prepare for a more in-depth audit.

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    Pre-audit services

    Prepare for your audit with a gap analysis of your existing HSE management system and by comparing them against relevant standards or specifications. Our pre-audit review will provide you with recommendations for improvement ahead of the audit and help prepare you for the full audit process.

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Certified standards

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    ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management Standard

    ISO 45001 reflects contemporary health and safety management requirements. We can provide you with support during your transition, and ultimately provide independent certification of the new standard.

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    ISO 14001 Environmental Audit

    The world's most recognised environmental management standard. Demonstrate your company’s environmental and sustainability credentials through our independent, internationally regarded certification.

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    OHSAS 18001 Safety Audit

    The OHSAS 18001 has become one of the most popular international health and safety management standards. We can provide independent certification for your health and safety management system to the standard providing your stakeholders with assurance and confidence in your health and safety performance.

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Best practice excellence

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    Five Star Integrated Audit

    The most comprehensive, contemporary, quantified and up-to-date audit process available. This audit will allow you to compare your integrated health, safety and environmental management performance against the latest relevant legislation, sector standards and best practice techniques.

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    Five Star Environmental Audit

    The most comprehensive, contemporary, quantified audit process available. This audit will allow you to compare your environmental performance against the latest legislation, sector standards and best practice techniques.

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